Why do you need an SEO on your Local Website

In this article you will know how important an SEO expert on your local Website

Why do you need an  SEO on your Local Website

Starting a local business and expecting local customers from offline marketing techniques like word of mouth publicity, local daily ads and other offline stuff is understandable but running your business online and targeting customers and sales on the web is another thing and it requires special tactics. I am going to explain some of those tactics in this article that will give you immense knowledge, confidence and determination to get started with your business online....More at Do You Really Need an SEO Expert for your Local Business Website?

The importance of Natural Links in our Local Business Sites

Cyrus Shepard recently discussed the growing importance of natural links, stressing that the less control you have over the anchor text, the more useful a link is. In the video, he recommended using press releases and guest posts to draw exposure to “linkable assets,” rather than using them to build links directly. This is an incredibly effective strategy, but it begs the question: “Just what is a linkable asset, and how can I get my hands on one?”


Software tools and services naturally attract links simply because the links are incredibly useful for the end user. The SEOmoz top 500 list states that the third most linked to page on the entire internet is the Adobe Flash install page. It’s simple to understand why. The tool is so important that many websites don’t even work properly without it.
In fact, a simple browse through the top 500 list makes it very clear that tools make up a huge percentage of the links on the web. The W3 markup validation service, WordPress, GoDaddy, Google itself, and other utilities that power the web completely dominate the list of most linked content on the web.
Do not underestimate the power of tools. It is absolutely worth your time to hire a developer and get a working piece of software on your site. In particular, your tool should solve a need that hasn’t already been met by somebody else on the web.
Think about your target keywords, and the associated problems that those searchers are trying to solve. Brainstorm software ideas that will help your users solve the problem. Very few things on the web attract more links than software tools....More at What Are Linkable Assets Anyway, and How Do You Build Them?

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