The Best (and Worst) Small Dog Breeds for Kids

What are the best and worst small dog breeds for kids? Not all dogs are created equal, with some breeds just not good to be around kids, others naturally much better suited. I wanted to give you the rundown on the best and worst small breeds for kids.  I need to start this off by saying that not all dogs are in line with their breed. Some dogs just seem to be the polar opposite of their breeds reputation. Much of this may be down to how the dog was raised by its owners, but also there is an aspect to this where some dogs, just like people, are just different. So I am starting this with a disclaimer: If you are looking to get a small dog breed as a pet, and you have kids, then don’t just take anyone's word for it that one breed is better than the others. Get to know the puppy (and if you can, its mother since personalities are likely affected by the mom) and decide for yourself. Some vicious dog breeds produce the odd docile animal, and some very friendly breeds produce vicious little ankle biters!

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I wanted to run down a few of the best small dog breeds for kids, then have a look at some of the not so good breeds.


Small Dogs for Kids

Beagles are excellent animals to have around children, and other dogs, as a general rule. They often have issues with other smaller animals, however, since they do like to hunt. So if opening your door to find next doors rabbit lying on your step doesn’t fill you with glee then you might want to invest in some decent fencing. That aside, beagles have their problems, most notably with obesity. Its important that a beagle is fed properly, so no scraps from the table. Also, regular walks are needed as well as challenging games to keep the dog's mind active. Failure to do this can lead to a grouchy animal that barks all the time and can be quite disruptive.

The Poodle

Small Dogs for Kids Poodles

The reputation of the poodle is quite inaccurate. Many would have you believe the poodle is the airhead type of dog that lives only to be groomed. This has been proven not to be the case, though, as they have been officially registered as the second most intelligent of all the popular breeds of dog, second only to the Collie. Poodles are exceptionally smart and able to take instruction well. In lots of countries they are used by the police as work dogs and to aid those with visual impairments. So no air heads here. They are also very good with children.Plus their life span commonly stretches beyond a decade, so your children will (all other things being equal) grow up with their pet beside them.

Like the Beagle, poodles can be prone to weight gain, so the usual tips of no food from the table, portion control and lots of exercises all apply here. The coat on a poodle is hypoallergenic, which means those with dog allergies can own poodles, but left to grow even a little and a poodle will need daily grooming. So unless you are happy with such a heavy grooming regime, I suggest that you keep your poodle's hair short.

Bichon Frise

Small Dogs Bichon Frise
 Like the poodle, these little critters are hypoallergenic, so they are ideal for any families with allergies. Plus they have the sweetest nature out of any dog breed I can think of. So in personality, they are ideally suited to a family. IN term of their upkeep, however, this might not be the case, since they will need daily grooming, and short lead walks twice daily. This level of care and attention can be hard to lavish on a dog when you have a young family. So there are cons to having a Bichon Frise as part of the family. But that personality is so sugar sweet you could just hug and play with them all day and know they would love your kids as much as they love you.

While its true that all small dog breeds can suffer from small dog syndrome, I have tried not to consider this as a factor here. With a stable and decent upbringing, a dog should really be well rounded without a chip on its shoulder about its size. So, not counting for the attitude problems that a poorly brought up small dog may have, I want to consider those dogs now that would not be suitable for families with kids, particularly small kids. For the record, what I am about to say next breaks my heart.


Small Breeds Dachshund

Dachshunds are funny creatures, and I do not mean just to look at. They have an odd mixture of temperament, more than likely caused by their being bred as a hunting animal. They are exceptionally loyal animals, and highly protective, which would only stand to work in their favor if you were asked if they would be a good fit for a young family. But there is this other side to them, an instinctive side that causes them to chase anything that runs away from them. Just like in the old days where they would be hunting badgers or squirrels. That's not good to have when you have small children that almost always like to run around for no reason. Many Dachshunds also have a reputation for being snappy. Which is never good around kids.

The other issue is that your young family may not be a good fit for a dachshund. Dachshunds are prone to suffer from spinal conditions, so being handled incorrectly, or having a toddler stumble and fall on them could do serious damage to a dachshunds spine. It would not be the first time that a dachshund was paralyzed because a small child tripped over it.

So as much as it breaks my heart because I love dachshunds, I cannot recommend dachshunds to families with small kids. Older and more responsible kids? Sure, that could work great. But small kids? I just do not think its a great idea.

Shih Tzu

Teacup DOgs Shih Tzu
Some Shih Tzu puppies are lovely creatures, but a great many are horrible little ankle biters. This total variation makes them impossible to recommend to families with kids. There is simply too many different personalities when it comes to Shih Tzus.

But the problem is not just the Tzu, but the child too. Children are unpredictable – and noises and sudden movements could freak a Shih Tzu ou, causing it to lash out, owing to fear for its safety. Children and Shih Tzu puppies really ought not to be left alone unsupervised. Because of this fact, I could never recommend Shih Tzus to a family with young children. When the dog matures, or when the kids mature, then its a different story, and the Shih Tzu becomes an amazing family pet. But a Shih Tzu puppy being brought into a family with young children? I would not recommend that.


Teacup Dogs Daily Pug
Pugs love children. Children love pugs. So where on earth is the problem? The issue is not with the pug, but with the children. Pugs are fragile creatures. They have problems everywhere, from their spine and hide quarters to their ability to breathe. Children like to prod and poke; they like to bounce and throw things. I think pugs make great pets to young families. But to be honest, I pity the pugs in those situations. And it would not be the first time where a pug didn’t survive the curiosity of a well-meaning child. These things work both ways, so you need to stop and think not only if the dog would be a good fit for you, but would you be a good fit for the dog.

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