Hulk - The Largest Bully on Earth Today!!

 Meet Hulk the largest Bully on Earth! This Bully weighing 173lbs and this bully is just 17months old. The owner of this largest bully on Earth is Marlon Grannan, owner of Dark Dynasty K9s kennel.
Hulk the Biggest Pit Bull

Regarding to ABC Reports, the family held kennel breeds and trains North american PIT BULLS as safeguard dogs for customers throughout the world. Also, they have got credentials, because they are an associate of the American Dog Breeders Association and United Kennel Club.
For anyone wishing to choose the purported world’s major pit bull, they will be disappointed to learn that Hulk is not on the market. Grannan has said that he and his wife were once offered $500,000, nonetheless they declined. However, Hulk the pit bull terrier has puppies, and then for small cost of $30,000, you might be in a position to own one someday.
More information about Bully and their breeds check this website of  Max Alvarado

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